Family Photography

Over the past two to three years I have captured quite a few families.  I must say that I thoroughly enjoy meeting up with these families and capturing their memories! 

Our children grow up so quickly and before we can realize it they are out of our homes going into the world out there without us.  It makes sense to have proper family photos taken regularly so that we can have those memories to cherish for many years to come!  We all tend to postpone this, but believe me, time flies and before you know it your children are out of your house. 

Below are some of my favourite families I captured over some time!

Mariska & Gesin


Having Fun!

Our photo shoots are fun with kids laughing! Bring along some cold drinks!


Using the sunset always makes for beautiful family pictures!

Jonel & Gesin


Dad with Son

Family photography is about relationships we have with our sons and daughters.  Let Colene's Photography capture that true love on camera! 

Moms & Daughters

We love our children unconditionally!  There is no better way to capture that special bond than to take some photos! 

Somarie & Gesin



Photos are not only memories but it is also reflections on our past.  Colene's Photography can help you capture those special reflections!

Together Forever!

Families function as one and with the special bond we share photos make that bond so much stronger! 

Engela & Gesin


Grandparents having fun!

Colene's Photography had the absolute pleasure to capture these two beautiful children with their grandparents!  We had lots of fun!


The focus shifts - sometimes it is more on the new addition to a family and the other time it is more on those who keep it all together!

Angelique & Gesin


A mother of note

A mother's love!

Special Memories

Make some special memories by letting Colene's Photography capture you and your children!


Shifting the Focus

Being the focus point!

Our Children

As parents we strive to focus on our children and their needs.  Colene's Photography capture those aspirations successfully!

Zonika & Gesin

An outing for the kids!


Pets are family too!

In loving memory of Angel


Poison on an outing!

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